Welcome to this web site, a project for everybody to learn and enjoy about the Chilean native plants

Learn and Enjoy the Chilean Native Plants..!!!

Chilebosque.cl includes plenty of information and pictures of more than 525 Chilean species of trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, vines, epiphytes, ground ferns, filmy ferns, lichens and mosses found in the different ecosystems.

You can learn about species, its distribution maps, look inside the native flora databases, the main plant families, the most important flora of the different regions of Chile and in national parks, and even enjoy spanish poetry on our native flora...

In our forum you can comment, share your pictures, ask questions about Chilean native flora species and more...!!

Adiantum scabrum
Helecho perejil
Asplenium dareoides
Helecho 3 lóbulos
Asplenium trilobum

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