Common name :

Scientific name :
Sticta longipes (Müll. Arg.) Malme


Substrate and Habitat:
Sticta longipes is found growing on wood, shrubs and trees in low-light environments in humid temperate to subalpine forests in Chile.

Sticta longipes is a poorly known species.


Thallus foliose and growing upright from substrate, trumpet to palm shaped, often with a distinct, woody stalk. Lobes narrow and elongate and often richly branched. Upper surface smooth and blue grey when wet to grey when dry. Lower surface white or pale yellowish brown to darker tans, tomentum thin to absent at lobe tips but thicker toward center. Cyphellae pore-like and tiny, with a very small opening (less than 0.2mm). Margins often covered in granular to finger-like grey isidia. Apothecia infrequent, pale brown to reddish brown, flat and up to 1.5mm wide. Medulla white. Photobiont bluegreen.

  Detail of the upper surface of Sticta longipes, showing its apothecia.        
Whole lichen of Sticta longipes.    
  Lower surface of the lichen Sticta longipes  
Detail of the lower surface of the lichen Sticta longipes showing its cyphellae.  


Sticta hypochra can be grey like Sticta longipes but its isidia are almost always brown and branch regularly to form coral-like growths.

Written by Peter Nelson and Tim Wheeler.
Photographs by Tim Wheeler.